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Safety Matches was started by three entrepreneurs with over 30 combined years of military, law enforcement and private investigative backgrounds.Established in Los Angeles. Safety Matches has been hailed as a true pioneer in free dating, and because our industry is still evolving, our business is too. Today, Safety Matches is available in 9 languages, has apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone, and welcomes 65,000 new users every single day. As the leader in modern, safe dating, we successfully match a wide range of couples, regardless of lifestyle.

Our site work by simply setting a appointment booking to both member in one location, we record the Time, Date, And location of the meet up so if anything bad happen with the meet up, we can easily send personnel to help and secured those person. And our website is created for those person who been scam, fraudulent, and many more involving online dating . So all of the members of the Safety Matches are safe to meet, real people who only want to have fun, to date, and to find the partner in life.


Your safety is provided by leading Safety & Security System in the industry.


Our comprehensive background check services cover criminal records, current and previous phone numbers, address histories, sex offender databases, property ownership records, marriage and divorce records, family member lists, bankruptcy and tax lien history, and more!


The site is a 128 bit SSL Encrypted Secured, Meaning your information will never be shared to any third party, you can take control of the information that you shared in our site.

Successful Stories

Alma & Talmai

"Our 5 year wedding anniversary is approaching and we will celebrate with our 1 year old baby. Thanks Safety Matches for allowing me to find my long distance love. Without you we would never have met." - Alma & Talmai #pofsuccess" A fantastic message from Alma. #SafetyMatchesSuccess

Kayla & Tyler

"Thank you POF for bringing my fairy-tale to reality." - Kayla & Tyler. Congrats you two! 😍 Kayla & Tyler #SafetyMatchessuccess #sparkconversation

Louis & Nea

"I met my fiance on Safety Matches back in 2011 while I was living in Atlanta, GA and he was living overseas in Germany. After 6 months of long conversations online, he told me he was getting ready to move back to his home state of Florida. So, I planned a trip to Florida with my girlfriends and decided to meet him on our trip. Fast forward to today - We are currently planning our wedding which will be in three short months! Thank you Safety Matches! Without this site the two of us would have never met!" - Louis & Nea. Success stories make our day over at Safety Matches! #SafetyMatchessuccess

Dean & Kate

"At the recommendation of my Dad, I got on Safety Matches in November 2016. I was on it for 3 days, when I met an amazing man. I was so pleased, I recommended Safety Matches to my roommate. Fast forward: I got engaged in May and my roommate got engaged 2 weeks ago. We are all very grateful. Thank you!" - Dean & Kate. Success stories make our day over at Safety Matches! #SafetyMatchessuccess

Why we need to be safe?

This modern days isn't safe to meet someone from the online dating world.

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